FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions-

We hope that you will find the answers to your questions about CVX as detailed as possible.
If you have any questions about the CVX, please feel free to contact  us.

Q1)What kind of tool is CVX?

 CVX is a cloud-based tool that integrates landing page creation (creation / editing functions) and operation functions (analysis and improvement). It is an in-house LPO tool for corporations that supports operation (LPO) that suits the purpose because it can use GTM in cooperation with Google Analytics.

 In summary, think of it as a tool that allows you to easily create and grow landing pages for advertising in-house.

Q2)What is the differences between CVX and other tools like LPO or A/B testing?

 A general A / B test tool has many functions to change some elements of an existing page, but CVX has a big difference in that it can do everything from new landing page creation to form construction without a server.

Therefore, in addition to the conventional A / B test tool, it is equipped with a function that allows you to create a new LP.

 In addition, it also has a function to analyze and verify landing pages created on CVX, and since it can perform click heat map analysis, A / B testing, and page repair, the main feature is that in-house LPO can be performed with ALL IN ONE.

 In addition, GTM can be set, so it can be extended and customized using any external analysis tool.

Q3)What is the shared ( public ) template?

 On CVX, we have prepared many LP templates as shared templates assuming various industries and products.

We keep increasing the stock of LP templates regularly, so you can simply select the design you are interested in from the shared templates and edit it to complete the page.

 In addition, the editing function emphasizes easy of use, and you can work with intuitive operations that do not require coding, so if you have experience in document creation, you can use it smoothly.You can also change the selected template at any time, so you can create and operate landing pages with various variations.

 You can also incorporate the existing landing page you are currently using into the CVX side for editing and improvement operation.

Q4)What is the difference between trial plan and          paid plan?

 With the free trial, except for some functions, you can try the operation feeling of CVX for a limited time for the purpose of letting the customer judge whether it is really easy to use.

Q5)What is the Google account?

 When authenticating a CVX account with a Google account Specifically, it will be the email address obtained by one of the following methods.

・ Gmail (acquired by an individual / company, domain is @        gmail.com)

・ G Suite (formerly Google Apps, a paid service of Google.          The email domain will be your own domain.)

・ Address of original domain acquired by G account

Q6) Is it possible to use it with except a Google               account?

 Authentication (login) other than Google account is also supported.(You can also log in with the email address you use for your daily work.)

If you want to use it more (when analyzing pages created with CVX, A / B testing, etc.),you need to authenticate (link) your Google account separately.

Q7) Is it possible to use multiple people to use it?

 Of course, It is possible. CVX is an LP production / improvement tool for corporations, So, if you prepare a common account (email address / password), you can create and repair LPs on the same CVX management screen with internal staff and external partners to divide the roles.

 In addition, some paid plans also have a "member invitation function" that allows you to invite other users to your account, so you can use the same account with multiple email addresses / passwords.

 Please contact us for more information.

Q8) Please tell me about the CVX fee system?

 CVX becomes a subscription service
When using only the shared (public) template

・ Initial cost 200 USD for Vietnam, 8,000 THB for Thai (* 1)
・ Monthly cost 240 USD for Vietnam, 8,100 THB for Thai(* 2)

Is the standard rate plan.*

1) Initial cost:
In order to use it in production, it is necessary to set DNS, but if you handle this work, the initial cost will be 200 USD or 8,000 THB as described above.*

2) Monthly fee:
It is a breakdown.

・Basic charge 150 USD for Vietnam, 5,000 THB for Thai
・Maximum number of unique domains 1 domain (30 USD or 1,000 THB per domain)
・Maximum number of pages 3 pages (1 page 20 USD or 700 THB)

Q9)How will the monthly fee change? 

 The monthly fee will change if you use a dedicated (private) template, increase the number of domains or maximum number of pages at the time of contract, or upgrade your rate plan.The maximum number of pages refers to the maximum number of pages (= capacity) for creating landing pages that can be generated on the customer's management screen.

The maximum number can be increased without limit. The maximum number of domains is the same.

Q10) I have no experience in designing or coding, Can I make a LP?   

 Of course you can. If you select a shared template, there is a landing page that is almost complete, so you can complete the page simply by using the editing function of CVX and replacing the text and images. It is available to those in charge who have no coding or design experience.

Q11)For LPO analysis, do you have any                              information about the function of what                    accuracy can be analyzed?

 Since CVX can work with Google Analytics, the basic page analysis functions are based on Google Analytics.

After linking, you can easily transition from the CVX management screen to the main analysis indicators of Google Analytics with one click without having to perform complicated operations with Google Analytics, so you can easily view the analysis status and use the CVX editing function. It is possible to complete the LPO in-house by using it and modifying the page.

※For reference following capture

 In addition, CVX is equipped with a click heat map analysis function as standard, so you can visually analyze the click action of a button.

Therefore, it is a product that can be used continuously even in the situation of improvement operation after production.

 In addition, since GTM can be set, it is possible to customize it according to the customer's purpose of use by adding other access analysis tools.

Q12) Is there a "minimum contract period"?

 The minimum contract period is 6 months. After that, it will be renewed every 6 months

Q13) Is it possible to operate in my own domain?

 Of course it is possible. However, this is limited to domains that are not currently in use. To be precise, it is necessary to prepare a subdomain of the existing domain or a new domain (original domain) to be newly acquired. We can also acquire new domains and set subdomains on your behalf. It is also possible to manage LPs in subdirectories under the existing domain.

Please contact us for more information.

Q14) Is it possible to resell LPs created on CVX?

Reselling LPs is not capable. Please understand.

Q15)Is it possible to incorporate an existing LP                into a CVX template?

 It is possible. It is necessary to relocate, but if you can provide files such as html / css / img, we will handle it.
 Please note that the cost of relocation / installation is an optional option. In addition, it may be difficult to reproduce some contents depending on the content because it is necessary to change the coding specifications suitable for CVX when incorporating. In that case, we will respond according to the situation, such as making some customizations while making use of the existing design.

Finally, regarding the calculation of the cost, we will look at the actual file contents of the existing LP and make an estimate. Please contact us for more information.

Q16)Is it possible to connect API ?

 At the moment, It is not possible. CVX does not have API connecting function. Although it is included in the future schedule, the release date is undecided.

Q17) What is a dedicated (private) template?

 We will create a customer-specific LP template with a full order, and it will be a customer-specific template that you can use freely on CVX. It will be a template that is closer to the purpose of use and image than the shared template.

In addition, a dedicated template can be supported by adding an additional VN:20USD for Vietnam and TH700THB for Thai per template per month.

* Template development cost will be estimated separately.

Q18) How many LPs can be operated with one                   account?

 The upper limit is basically infinite. In addition, the monthly fee will change depending on the maximum number of pages, so please consider your budget and the number of pages you need to use.

 Q19) Please tell me the procedure up to this                     application. 

 Regarding the procedure for this application for CVX, please fill in / seal the contract specified by us and return it to complete.

Q20) How long does it take to start using the                   service?

 It can be used in about 2 weeks to 1.5 months after application.

If you are in a hurry, you can open a paid account on the same day at the earliest.

Q21) Can I use the shared (public) template                       image  as it is when creating an LP?  

 There is no problem because we have agreed to the terms of use with each model.

However, this does not apply if it is against public order and morals.

Q22)I would like to use a section of a template               that is different from the template I am                   currently editing. Can I use it?

 As a CVX function, it is not possible to combine different shared templates, but we can prepare a custom template that combines shared template A and shared template B as a customer-specific private template.

However, in this case, the amount of work and the monthly fee for the dedicated template (custom template allocation) will be added.

In addition, since every design template is equipped with a layout pattern (common parts function) that can be used for general purposes, you can create pages as you imagined without complicated operations.

Q23)How do I set up an A / B test?

 You can set and start A / B testing from the CVX management screen. (Connecting with Google account is required.)

Specifically, you can start an A / B test by simply setting the URLs for page A and page B, selecting the URL for your target page, and clicking the start button. It's a simple operation, so you can start A / B testing in just a few seconds.

Q24) How do I sort the devices?

 There is a device transfer setting function on CVX page.

Specifically, it is a function to link the URL of the LP on the PC side and the URL of the SP side. If this is set, the LP on the PC side can be displayed to the user who accessed with the PC, and conversely, the LP on the SP side can be displayed to the user who accessed with the SP.

Q25)Is it possible to support an integrated page             that has an input form at the end of the                   page?

 It is possible. It is possible to create a form-integrated LP by using the form-integrated function that comes standard with CVX. It is also possible to manage the data of users who have converted as history and output it in CSV format.

* If you want to set the form of other tools, please contact us once as it is necessary to verify the operation.

Q26)I would like to put video material on the                  page. Is it possible?

 It is possible. Since CVX has an html editing function, it is possible to setup videos posted on YouTube in LP on CVX.

Q27)Do you support cart payment?

 Basically, if it is a cart system that can be installed on an external site, you can use it without any problems.

Q28)Is it possible to change the font type in the              LP template?

 There is no font type change function as a standard function, but it is supported individually.

Also, as a supplementary explanation, CVX selects and creates the most suitable font for each template design, so it is possible to create a landing page with sufficient appeal as it is. 

Q29)Is it possible to directly edit the html, CSS,               and JavaScript of the LP template?

 All are editable. You can insert free descriptions in the head and body for any landing page from the CVX management screen.

If you have coding skills, you can use CVX for more complicated customization.

Q30)Can I also use Search Console?

 Yes you can.
We also support the setting method, please contact customer support if necessary.

Q31)Is there a recommended browsers for using              CVX? 

 The best browser for editing operations on CVX is the Chrome, and editing on other browsers are not covered by the operation guarantee.

Also, regarding browsing pages created with CVX, The following is the operation guarantee environment.

PC (Windows): Chrome, IE11, Edge, Firefox
PC (Mac): Chrome, Safari, Firefox
Smartphone (iOS): Chrome, Safari
Smartphone (Android): Chrome